You can contact us using by the form you can find below. Please check properly that you provide a correct email address so that we are able to reply you, and be sure that you have read the relevant section below before sending us a message. Thanks.

Casino employees / affiliate managers

If you work for a casino please read this information first. If you send us an enquiry that shows that you did not read our guidelines then it will be deleted without reply.

Webmasters, SEO “experts” and agencies

The answer is no. We will not publish your articles with links to your or your client’s site in them. We do not participate in link exchanges. We aren’t interested in buying links on your sites, and we do not need your assistance to reach the top of search engine rankings. Don’t even bother asking. Yes really, we are not joking or trying to fool anyone. We get loads of these enquiries despite this clear and unambiguous message and it’s a waste of your time and ours.

Postal address

We prefer the speed and convenience of emails but if you would like to write us a letter or a past card you can use the following address:

Central Plaza, 14 Harbour Road, London


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