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This page is mainly intended for casino managers, affiliated managers and other casino employees who contact us daily. Please take the time to read this information before contacting us to avoid misunderstandings. Thank you.

Unlike the majority of casino review sites, casino listings do not exist to promote your casino. It is intended to become an information resource for casino players first of all. Therefore the ads we publish must comply with several rules that we consider extremely important.

Table of contents:

  • Review your casino
  • The rating is higher in our bonus lists.
  • As a recommended casino
  • Press release publication
  • Removing your casino from our blacklist


Reviewing your casino

We do consider requests for casinos to be reviewed. We do not accept pre-written reviews, and we take the time to play at and test each casino we review, so it can take some time for a review to be compiled. If you would like your casino reviewed, please contact us via our contact form.

The rating is higher in our bonus lists.

Casinos often ask us how they can place their bonuses at the top of our listings, such as the best sign up bonuses or no deposit bonuses. The short answer is: you cannot offer players a better deal. The purpose of these lists is to find the best deals for players, and therefore they are not “manually selected” and not manually ranked by anyone here in the casino lists.

We assign a score to each bonus based on an algorithm that takes into account many factors, and the bonuses are listed in decreasing order of rating, then filtered according to the user’s preferences in the country (therefore, the player does not see bonuses on the list that they cannot Request). You can think of it as a casino bonus search engine. Things you can do can improve your casino’s bonus ranking in our listings:

  • Reduce bid requirements. The lower the better.
  • Allow more games to be played when wagering requirements are canceled.
  • Make a bonus in cash out (that is, it can be withdrawn after wagering is completed).
  • Assign a bonus to the player before the wagering requirements are fulfilled (i.e. not a bonus after the bet).
  • Remove all restrictions on the withdrawal of the bonus.
  • Increase the quality of service and reputation of your casino so that we give it a higher rating of reviews.

If you think that we have made an error or omission when listing your casino’s bonus, or you would like to offer an exclusive bonus to Casino Listings readers, please contact us.

As a recommended casino

The recommended casino section on our site is one of the few selected listings on our site. We overestimate them every month, based on casino reputation, its relevance and / or specialization for the geographic region of the visitor, the popularity of our website in terms of visitor traffic, our own casino experience and player reviews. Having many years of experience, we believe that we choose a good casino from a bad one quite well, so we do not often change these recommendations. In deciding whether to include casinos in our list of recommendations, we have a number of requirements for which we make no exceptions:

  • All recommended casinos must be reviewed and rated at least 7 stars (out of 10) in order to qualify.
  • Casinos that have been open for business for less than 12 months and / or managed by management without public experience in gambling or related industries are not recommended.
  • Casinos that send spam and / or “astroturf” to our forums (and others in this regard) will not be perceived as kind when considering the benefits of their recommendation.
  • Casino fits the bill, and you can explain to us why it is better than the ones we already recommend, then feel free to contact us and state your case.

Publishing release publication

We are not interested in publishing your press releases unless they are uniquely written and we are expressly allowed to modify and/or add our own content or opinions to them.

Removing your casino from our blacklist

We believe, that trust is the most important product in the online gambling industry. After you lose it, it is almost impossible to win back, and from hundreds of casinos to choose from, players have no reason to give anyone a second chance. Given this, we rarely remove a casino as soon as it is added to our blacklist. There are several scenarios that can allow this to happen:

  • Legal change of ownership for completely new and individual owners and management.
  • Independent evidence that any payment delays, software errors, disputes, or problems have been resolved. Personal confidence that someone working in your casino no longer has problems, is not considered independent.


Thanks for taking the time to read this information. If you have any questions or comments, or just want to get into contact with us, please use our contact form.


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